Player development is the real result, not the final score.

Our Club is committed to providing opportunities for players of all ages and skill levels to participate in and develop a passion for the game of football. Our programs are designed to teach the fundamental principles of the game enabling members to grow with and play the game to the best of their individual ability for many years to come.

Our junior development programs are based around four key areas:

  1. Technical – The individual ability of a player to be competent and proficient in the basic skills required to play the game.
  2. Physical – The development of basic motor skills, coordination, flexibility, balance, perception and awareness to handle the changing physical requirements of the game. We develop this through the activities and exercises we us in training.
  3. Psychosocial – This refers to a range of internal and external tools to help players manage their emotions and external stimuli in order to use them to his/her advantage on the field. We focus on developing confidence and motivation for the players which is predicated on competence of the basic technical aspects of the game.
  4. Tactical – Our aim is to create clever players capable of adapting to a constantly changing environment. For us this means a focus on learning to play from the back and basic attacking principles.

We aim to develop technically proficient players who are comfortable on the ball, confident and creative. We encourage a possession based style focused on building play from the back. Our coaches’ teaching philosophy is built around four principles:

  1. Utilising guided discovery principles to improve the learning and retention process for players.
  2. Creating opportunities for every kid to succeed thus motivating individuals to build on their own successes.
  3. Focusing on building each player from the feet up, recognizing that without a core technical foundation the game becomes much harder and less enjoyable as players mature.
  4. Integrating unstructured free play opportunities where players can try and discover new things on their own.

The club uses age appropriate development plans that set out the objectives, session and activities for each group. More information on the development plans used for each group can be found under Coaching Resources