The Bill Brackenbury Cup (BBC) is the highest level of Men’s competition within Football Canterbury.In 2022, our BBC team finished the season in 2nd place. In 2023, they progressed to Round 3 of the Australia Cup for the first time, while making semis in the Fooball Canterbury competition.In 2024, our club will provide extra resources to our Premier Men’s team and players, including the appointment of a dedicated, professional coach to help develop the team and take it to the next level.Open trials for our Premier Men’s team are taking place:

  1. 7:00pm Tuesday November 28 – Waterfront Drive (Callan Park)
  2. 6:30pm Thursday December 7 – Balmain Rd (Callan Park)

All BDFC and non-BDFC players turning 18+ in 2024 are invited to attend the trials.Players must register for the trials using the link to the JotForm.For more information, email the BDFC Development Committee.