Our club offers a range of paid and volunteer roles across all facets of football.

  • Are you interested in becoming a volunteer Buddy for our All Abilities program?
  • The All Abilities All Stars team is for players aged 6-25 years with special needs (either intellectual or physical) who benefit from a highly supportive and encouraging environment.  
  • We need buddies to assist and guide our players with simple drills and a game
  • For Buddies aged 18 or above you will need a valid Working with Children certificate
  • All Abilities is run every Saturday morning (May to August) between 9am-10am at Birchgrove Oval

If you would like more information, please contact Maisie at maisie.tanner@balmainfootball.com.au. For details on how to register, please see Registration – Balmain & District Football Club (balmainfootball.com.au)   

Canteen Staff

Would you like to be part of our team operation that helps feed our 3,000 members and over 210 teams? On a weekly basis we need people to help serve hot & cold food and drinks, amongst other things.

Please send any enquiries about job openings to Derragh (De) Dotson at derragh.dotson@balmainfootball.com.au. 

Ground Staff

Each week we need help with setting up our fields to accommodate games and other events. This includes field size changes, ropes, barriers, goals, benches, etc., and we need efficient hands to help us get through the busy days and evenings.

Please send any enquiries about job openings to Derragh (De) Dotson at derragh.dotson@balmainfootball.com.au, or ask at the canteen at any of our fields if you can assist on the day.

  • Are you interested in coaching for Balmain DFC?
  • We are looking for junior coaches, senior coaches, volunteers, and some coaches in paid positions 
  • Balmain DFC Programs include:
    • Team coaching during the winter season
    • Development Program training sessions
    • Pre-season training/skills programs
    • Off-season training programs
    • Summer Soccer
    • Holiday Camps
    • Specialised sessions:
      • Strength and conditioning
      • Goalkeeping
      • Athletic coaching 

Please send any enquiries to our Technical Director Radim (radim@balmainfootball.com.au), and include your coaching CV and experience. 

At BDFC we appreciate any leadership initiatives from our teenage members. We will be happy to help you with any relevant goals and targets you may set during your Duke of Ed path. We may be able to assist in volunteering, skill training and assessing.

Would you like to become a Game Leader or a Referee?

Game Leaders

The Game Leader (GL) program is being implemented across CDSFA from 2022, and is available to anyone aged 11 and above. It covers the U8-U12 age groups (replacing referees for U10 to U12), and it’s a great introduction to leading and running games, as well as a good way to earn some pocket money (payment is for  GLs aged under 18 only).

If you would like to mentor our Game Leaders and are aged 18 or above, there is room for you as well!

More information on this program is available here: https://www.balmainfootball.com.au/game-leaders/.


There are plenty of great reasons for becoming a football referee. You actively participate in the sport, you help raise the standard of football, you develop a network of close friends, you develop your management and communication skills, and it’s a great way to earn some money.

Referees are an integral part of Football. The first steps to becoming a referee at the World Cup starts at the local level. The pre-requisites for becoming a football referee are:

– You must be a minimum of 13 years old
– You have a passion for Football.

It’s that easy!

The Canterbury Referees Association (CRA) are actively seeking new referees to join our community. People of all experience and fitness levels are accepted. If you would like to be part of this exciting culture, please check out how to become a new referee with the CRA HERE.

For qualified junior referees who are also registered players (13 to 18 years of age), Balmain DFC have a rebate program in place to help offset some of the annual costs of CRA membership. Please contact the Registrar at registrar@balmainfootball.com.au for more information.

Associate Referee
Interested in learning some basics to jump in and referee a game when there is no referee? CRA offer a short and simple Associate Referee Course. Register your interest here: https://form.jotform.com/230531861159859

At Balmain DFC we greatly appreciate any assistance from our parents and members. Maybe you have a relevant skill that you think can be of value to the club, or you would just like to be involved and see how you can help.

  • For match days, you can always ask our staff at the designated ground canteen for any tasks you can help with
  • For more general volunteering, please email admin@balmainfootball.com.au to see how you can be more involved. Some examples include:
    • Being an Age Co-ordinator (a special group of people!)
    • Event coordination/management
    • Maintenance tasks
    • Social Media
    • Sponsorship management/opportunities
    • and the list goes on…

Volunteering can be a tremendous way to give back, and a great way to remain involved in your child’s football and social life as they grow!