Online registrations for Winter 2020 will open in early January. Updates will be posted on our website closer to that date.

Age Group 2019 Fee
Tiny Tigers 100.00
All Abilities 100.00
U6 – U7 225.00
U8 – U9 235.00
U10 – U11 260.00
U12 – U14 275.00
U15 – U16 285.00
U17 – U21 315.00
Adult Students 315.00
Senior Players (All Age, O35, O45) 405.00

A family discount of $50 applies for registration of two siblings (U6-U18 only) with the Club, OR a flat fee of $100 for registration of third and subsequent siblings (U6-U18 only).

Online registrations for Winter 2020 will open in early January for players in all age groups except All Abilities. Registrations for All Abilities will open in mid to late January (the date will be published on this page during January). Registrations for Coaches and Team Managers will also open in early January.

All Players (or their Parents/Guardians) must read and confirm acceptance of the  Code of Conduct when processing registration. 

Priority is given to returning players until February 1, then new players on a first-come, first-served basis until all teams in the age group are filled.

Due to continued lack of training and playing space in the Inner West Council area, we are unable to guarantee acceptance of your registration.

Registration Process

Click here to go directly to the Balmain DFC Portal when you’re ready to start the registration process. Make sure to read the details below for details on how to register.

Please remember to obtain your Active Kids Voucher(s) – if applicable – BEFORE you start the player registration process for your children. You will be asked to enter the voucher number during the registration process. Details on how to obtain a voucher are in the “Active Kids Voucher” section on this page.

It’s very important players register in the correct age group. For juniors, age groups are based on the age a player will turn during 2020, regardless of which day or month. e.g. a player born 14/1/2007 turns 13 in 2020 and will therefore play in U13’s.

If you are registering for U21 (18-21) or WIL (16-21), please ensure you select the “I am a student (tertiary)” checkbox when registering (it shows after you select your registration product), and then click on “Update Shopping Cart”. For full-time students registering in All Age or above (aged 18 or more), use the online form here to claim any student discount after you’ve paid your fees in full.

New players looking to register for the 2020 season will need to create a Football Account in the Play Football system– this is separate to your FFA number and everyone will need a Football Account. If you have not regsitered an account in Play Football before, use the same email address as for the previous MyFootballClub system, as it will allow the new system to find your FFA number/profile and prompt you to link it to the new system during registration.

If you already have a Football Account then you can sign in with your existing details. During the registration process, if you have an existing FFA number/profile you will be prompted to link it to your Football Account. For those registering their children, you will be able to link your children to your account if their old MyFootballClub accounts used the same email address as your new Football Account.

Click on any of the items below for detailed instructions on how to register in the new system:

Photos will need to be uploaded when individuals register in Play Football:

  • Photos for all Adult Players and Team Officials will be mandatory at the time of registration in the new system, otherwise they cannot finalise their registrations.
  • Photos for all Junior Players are currently listed as optional initially. This means they can continue their registration and update their photo later. However, all players will require photos to be added to their profiles before ID cards will be issued.
  • Photos may sometimes fail to load into the profile. If this happens, check that the file meets the specified parameters and try uploading it again.
  • Click here for a guide on how to upload a photo to your profile.

To check on your registration status (and those of your linked accounts), and to view or edit your PlayFootball profile, go to this link: You can also upload or change your profile photo here after registration if required.

Proof of ID

All new players (or those who haven’t yet provided it) will be required to provide a proof of age document. This will be followed up separately to the initial registration process.

PlayFootball Support Contacts

Please use the following options as a first point of contact for any questions/issues with the PlayFootball system:

  • Web: PlayFootball SUPPORT PORTAL
  • Email:
  • Telephone: (02) 8880 7983 (Monday-Friday 9am – 9pm, Saturday 10am – 3pm)

Junior players can now take full advantage of the NSW Active Kids Voucher Program – a $100 rebate on club registration fees for each school-aged child. Details on the NSW Active Kids Program:  NSW Office of Sport

Please note that refund of the Active Kids voucher is not possible: Once an Active Kids voucher has been applied to registration, neither BDFC nor ServiceNSW are able to provide a refund of the $100 voucher if registration is cancelled or modified for any reason. You should carefully consider use of your voucher if there will be any reason for you to consider cancelling your registration.

Our guide to applying for the Active Kids voucher: Balmain DFC NSW Active Kids Voucher Guide

Important Dates (2020 Proposed)             

  • April 4-5: Season begins for U8 and above
  • June 6-8: Long Weekend – no games for Tiny Tigers & U6-U11 (all other age groups to check their draw)
  • June 13: BDFC Coaches & Managers Night
  • July 5-10: Kanga Cup – Canberra
  • July 9-11: Balmain DFC Holiday Camp Week 1
  • July 16-18: Balmain DFC Holiday Camp Week 2
  • August 22-23: Last week of games for Tiny Tigers, U6 & U7, U8-U11. CDSFA Presentation Round.

Registration FAQs:

The base registration fee includes:

  • $20 Ultra Football voucher for returning players
  • Football Federation of Australia player fee
  • Football NSW player fee and insurance
  • CDSFA player and team fees
  • Referee Fees (U10 – Seniors)
  • FFA Processing Fee and GST

Family Discount

The club provides a family discount of $50 for registration of two siblings (U6-U18 only) OR a flat fee of $100 each for registration of third and subsequent siblings (U6-U18 only). Apply for Family Discount

Student Discount

The club provides an $90 rebate for currently enrolled full-time students who have paid the full adult registration fee of $405. Apply for  Student Discount

To withdraw from the competition and request a registration refund, send an e-mail to The club will provide refunds in some situations.

The club will provide a full refund of the registration fee if a playing member cannot be placed in a team for that season.

When members withdraw their registration, they may also be eligible for a refund.  The amount of the refund is based on the request date of the withdrawal.

Request Date for Refund Refund Amount
By January 31 Full refund less uniform cost if the player has ordered a club-funded kit.
By February 28 Registration fee less a $25 administration charge and the uniform cost if the player has ordered a club-funded kit.
By March 31 Registration fee less a $50 administration charge and the uniform cost if the player has ordered a club-funded kit.
After Round 1 or April 1 (whichever is the earlier) No refund

The official date used to determine a refund is the date of the email sent to the Club Registrar.

Players are considered “new” if they have never registered with Balmain DFC, or have not played for Balmain DFC in the previous two seasons.

New players must consult with their Age Coordinators to determine team placement.

On payment, a date and time stamp is placed on the player record to enable first come, first served policy to be implemented. Players who have registered but not paid will not be guaranteed a place in a team until full payment is received.

Returning and Graded players must register with the club by the dates noted below to hold their place with the club.  Players must meet the requirements below :

Returning Players

  • Considered ‘returning’ if you have played with the club in either, or both, of the previous two seasons and complete registration by February 1
  • If the registration is not completed (including payment) by February 4, returning players will rank equally with new players.

Graded Players

  • Graded players will have been offered a position in a Graded Team by the Registrar, Technical Director or Development Committee
  • Graded players must complete their registration by January 22 otherwise their position on a Graded team may be withdrawn
  • New players who do not take up their offer to join a Graded Team will be subject to the same rules of registration as any other new player

Yes, the club does consider hardship situations and may offer a payment plan or waiver of part or all registration fees for those in genuine financial need.  Applications should be submitted to the club Treasurer at