Registration for 2017 is now closed.

Summer football registration opens in August.

Registration for winter 2018 will open in January.

For the second year in a row, Balmain DFC has either held or reduced registration fees for every age group. This has been achieved despite increases in ground hire and referee fees, FFA, Football NSW and CDSFA levies.

Age Group 2017 Fee
Tiny Tigers 80.00
All Abilities 80.00
U6 – U7 215.00
U8 – U9 225.00
U10 – U11 250.00
U12 – U14 265.00
U15 – U16 275.00
U17 – U21 Men 305.00
Women’s Intermediate League (U17 –U21) 305.00
Adult Students 305.00
Senior Players (All Age, O35, O45) 390.00

$50 Family discount for second and subsequent siblings registered with the Club (U6-U18 only).

All registrations are processed online using the FFA system MyFootballClub.

You will need your FFA number in order to register online if you are a returning player or a player transferring from another club.  If you have never played football before, you can create an FFA number in the registration tool.  The club has created guides to assist you in the registration process:

All Players (or their Parents/Guardians) must read and confirm acceptance of the  Code of Conduct when processing registration. 

Priority is generally given to returning players until February 5, then new players on a first come, first-served basis until all teams in the age group are filled.

Due to continued lack of training and playing space in the Inner West Council area, we are unable to guarantee acceptance of your registration.

Registration FAQs:

The base registration fee includes:

  • Full player strip to keep (shirt, shorts & socks)
  • Football Federation of Australia player fee
  • Football NSW player fee and insurance
  • CDSFA player and team fees
  • Referee Fees (U10 – Seniors)
  • FFA Processing Fee and GST

The Club offers a $50 discount for each sibling following one full registration payment.  To request the discount, e-mail the following information to

  • Full name of all siblings
  • FFA number of all siblings
  • Age group in which each child has been registered (not available for Tiny Tigers)
  • Your bank account details to receive payment via EFT

All sibling discounts will be processed in the order received and may take up to four weeks.

To withdraw from the competition and request a registration refund, send an e-mail to The club will provide refunds in some situations.

The club will provide a full refund of the registration fee if a playing member cannot be placed in a team for that season.

When members withdraw their registration, they may also be eligible for a refund.  The amount of the refund is based on the request date of the withdrawal.

Request Date for Refund Refund Amount
Before January 31 Full refund less uniform cost if the player has ordered a club-funded kit.
Before February 28 Registration fee less a $25 administration charge and the uniform cost if the player has ordered a club-funded kit.
Before March 31 Registration fee less a $50 administration charge and the uniform cost if the player has ordered a club-funded kit.
After Round 1 or April 1(whichever is the earliest) No refund

The official date used to determine a refund is the date of the email sent to the Club Registrar.

Players are considered “new” if they have never registered with Balmain DFC or have not played in the previous two seasons.

New players must consult with their Age Coordinators to determine team placement.

On payment, a date and time stamp is placed on the player record to enable first come, first served policy to be implemented. Players who have registered but not paid will not be guaranteed a place in a team until full payment is received.

Returning and Graded players must register with the club by the dates noted below to hold their place with the club.  Players must meet the requirements below :

Returning Players

  • Considered ‘returning’ if you have played with the club in either, or both, of the previous two seasons and complete registration by February 5
  • If the registration is not completed (including payment) by February 12, returning players will rank equally with new players.

Graded Players

  • Graded players will have been offered a position in a Graded Team by the Registrar, Technical Director or Development Committee
  • Graded players must complete their registration by January 22 otherwise their position on a Graded team may be withdrawn
  • New players who do not take up their offer to join a Graded Team will be subject to the same rules of registration as any other new player

Yes, the club does consider hardship situations and may offer a payment plan or waiver of part or all registration fees for those in genuine financial need.  Applications should be submitted to the club Treasurer at