Please do not try to order your player kit until you have received your code (via email) from Ultra Football. These are generally sent out in late February to mid-March (or within 48 hours of your registration if it’s after this period) for U8 and above, and later in March/April for U6/U7.

If you can’t find your email (check Spam/Junk as well), please contact

Frequently asked Questions and Answers about ordering the club’s uniform through Ultra Football:

The kit ordering process follows:

  1. You receive an e-mail from Ultra Football with a discount code (usually sent by late Feb to mid-March).
  2. Order your kit through the BDFC shop hosted by Ultra Football.
    • New players who have not previously registered with BDFC will automatically receive a voucher credit which covers the cost of an orange jersey, black shorts, and orange socks.
    • Returning players will receive a voucher code to the value of $30 that can be used to replace or replenish parts of your player strip from the club store, including:
      • Orange jersey
      • Black shorts (not compression shorts)
      • Orange socks (not compression socks)
      • Black training jersey
  3. Full-time goalkeepers can order a green goalkeeper top instead of the standard orange jersey.
  4. You can only use the credit to purchase a player strip/jersey.
  5. You must order the full kit in one shipment – the credit cannot be split between orders.
  6. Ship the order directly to you (shipping costs apply), or choose to pick up the shipment from the Ultra Football store at Alexandria prior to the commencement of the season (no cost). If you choose the latter, Ultra Football will send you a confirmation email when your order is ready for pickup.

As soon as you receive the email from Ultra Football in March.

If you do not receive the registration link from Ultra Football, check your spam folder.  If you still do not have the e-mail, contact for assistance.


Once players have registered, paid, and been assigned to a team, the club will assign them a number between 2 & 99.  When a player orders a goalkeeper top, they will automatically be assigned #1. We understand that players have preferred numbers. However, in a club of our size, we must adopt an efficient number allocation process using #2-99 across our age divisions (#1 for goalkeepers).

Once a player is assigned a number, they will retain this number during their time with the club unless they require a new number due to a number clash if they change teams.

No, the cost of a player strip will be available at no additional charge to new players.  If you decide to have the order delivered and the order total is below $150, you will be charged a small shipping fee.  You can also choose to pick up the order from Ultra Football in Alexandria for no additional cost.

No. The new player credit can only be used to purchase the full player strip, including an orange jersey, black shorts, and orange socks.

There are three different sizing styles:

  1. Youth XS-XL (Approximately up to Under 12 boys and girls)
  2. Womens XS-XL  (Approximately Under 12 – to senior girls/women)
  3. Men S-XXL  (Approximately Under 13 – to senior men)

You can go into the Ultra Football store to try on sizes, and there are also sizing guides available on the website.

Yes. If you are a full-time goalkeeper, you can order a green jersey instead of the standard orange jersey.  All goalkeeper jerseys will receive a #1.

The club has provided a goalkeeper jersey in every training kit bag.  For most teams, all players should purchase an orange jersey from Ultra Football.  The goalkeeper top can then be shared amongst the team.

For players who are full-time goalkeepers, which is more likely in senior or older youth teams, they can choose to order a goalkeeper jersey from Ultra Football.  The training kit for their team will still include a goalkeeper top.

No. Each registered player needs to do a separate order.

Once you’ve ordered your kit, you can choose to ship the order to your home (delivery fee applies per order) or pick up the kit from Ultra Football in Alexandria (no cost). 

You will be notified once your kit is ready for pickup from the Ultra Football store in Alexandria.  

For shipment and sizing-related questions, contact Ultra Football via their chatbot at or their customer service team is available for further questions via chat between 10am – 5pm. Contact Ultra Football

If you have any other questions, contact

Following your kit order, you will be part of Ultra Football’s customer database and receive promotional information about new football products and discounts.  You can opt-out of the direct marketing at any time.