Balmain DFC Future Coaches Program

Future Coaches Program Information Pack

Program Overview

The objective of the program is for our club to provide a mentoring program for young women aged 14-19 interested in coaching. Coaches will be accredited through coaching courses, involved in coaching holiday camps, mentoring sessions, coaching in our development programs, and paired up to coach girls’ MiniRoos teams during the winter season. The club will provide mentors to lead the development of these coaches.

We want to develop the next generation of coaches at our club, with the right skill set to succeed in their roles and continue to develop our players. Developing more coaches through this program year after year, will help build capacity throughout the club and improve the overall quality of the football experience for BDFC players.

Key Outcomes

Increase girls and women’s participation

By increasing the number of girls and women coaches, we provide young girls with strong role models who have first-hand experience and success in the sport. This helps girls visualize their potential in football and encourages them to participate and stay committed to the sport. Our program fosters a sense of empowerment among girls. When they see women in leadership roles within the football club, they are more likely to feel confident, motivated, and inspired to pursue their goals in football. This empowerment translates into increased participation as girls become more eager to take part in training sessions, matches, and other club activities.

Improve leadership opportunities for girls and women

By providing opportunities for girls to learn coaching techniques, strategies, and effective communication skills, they gain a deeper understanding of the sport. The program can facilitate networking and mentoring opportunities for the girls. Pairing them with experienced female coaches as mentors allows for personalised guidance, advice, and support. This mentorship helps to create a sense of investment in the girls’ development and encourages long-term participation. There will be an increased visibility of women and girls in football. This can attract other aspiring girl and women coaches, who may have been hesitant to participate due to a lack of representation.

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Why Join?

  • Development
    • Develop transferrable skills through coaching (teaching, organizing, analysing, motivating, communicating etc.)
    • Contribute to the development of young players and see them grow
    • Opportunity to include coaching hours as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Program
  • Courses
    • Coaches will be funded to undertake the Skill Training Certificate (or equivalent) prior to starting the program
  • Mentoring
    • Opportunities to be mentored by experienced coaches at BDFC and external coaches (women) who can share experiences and provides guidance throughout the program
  • Holiday Camps & Programs
    • Opportunities to work at our Girls-Only Holiday Camps (paid role) where possible
  • Team Coaching
    • Appointed to winter season Tiny Tigers (U4 & U5) or MiniRoos Teams (U6-U9 Mixed or Girls teams) in pairs and work with a parent volunteer coach to practice learnt skills
    • Training the team once per week during the season
  • Progression
    • Progress to coaching in our development program
    • Future employment opportunities as casual coaches after completion of the program
    • Opportunities to receive funding for Advanced Coaching licences in the future

Future Coaches Program Information Pack


  • Attend a Skill Training Certificate (or equivalent) prior to the January Girls-Only Holiday Camp
  • Coach at the Girls-Only Holiday Camps (minimum 2 days per camp, desirable)
  • Coach a Tiny Tigers or MiniRoos team during the winter season
  • Attend mentoring sessions (where possible).

The program will run for roughly 12 months, from November to October every year.


Key Milestones

  • Monday 25 September 2023 – Launch program
  • Thursday 19 October – Announce 2024 coaching intake
  • Wednesday 1 November – Legacy fund announcement
  • Thursday 7 December – Internal coach education night
  • Late January 2024 – Appoint coaches for the winter season (TBC)
  • Early March – MiniRoos team training begins
  • Mid October – End of program “graduation” ceremony.

Skills Training Certificate

    • 16, 23, 30 November 2023 (Thursdays)

Upskilling Program (Optional)

    • 1 – 29 February 2024 (Thursdays)

Mentoring Sessions

    • February 5, March 4, April 8, June 3, August 5 (Mondays)

January Girls-Only Holiday Camps

    • Tuesday 16 – Thursday 18
    • Tuesday 23 – Thursday 25

April Girls-Only Holiday Camps

    • Tuesday 16 – Thursday 18
    • Tuesday 23 – Wednesday 24 & Friday 26

July Girls-Only Holiday Camps

    • Tuesday 9 – Thursday 11
    • Tuesday 16 – Thursday 18

October Girls-Only Holiday Camps

    • Tuesday 1 – Thursday 3
    • Tuesday 8 – Thursday 10

Please note that these dates are subject to change.

Future Coaches Program Information Pack