Pre-Season games can only be played if sanctioned by Football Canterbury.

  • Only players registered with the club are allowed to compete in trial games and only registered players will be covered by Insurance if an injury occurs.
  • If the games are played without official sanctioning, players will not be covered by the Football Canterbury insurance coverage.

Players and teams must always check with their club that pre-season training has been approved to commence to ensure the grounds being used are approved for use. Training without the permission of your club or training on non-approved grounds can be dangerous due to the uncertainty of ground conditions and is likely to void any insurance cover. If activities are conducted outside these parameters, in the event of an adverse event, the insurers may refuse a claim.

There are two types of trial games: Internal games and Out of Association games:

Internal Club Trial games or vs other Football Canterbury Clubs (Internal)
These games do NOT require a sanctioning form to be filled out, however it is imperative that an email is sent to to ensure the game is sanctioned.

Trial Games vs clubs from associations other than Football Canterbury (Out of Association)
These games require a sanctioning form to be filled out and sent to a minimum of 5 days prior to the game being played to ensure both associations sanction the game. Without dual sanctioning the game can not be played. Once actioned we will send back to the team a confirmed sanctioned form.