Club History

We are incredibly proud to announce the launch of Balmain DFC’s dedicated history website. The work of many years, made possible through an Inner West Heritage Grant, and the result of countless incredible people, it is a place where anyone can explore and contribute to the 50+ year history of our club.

Learn about our founding members, the Ladies Auxiliary, and the fascinating story behind the “Coffee Fields”. Discover photos of our earliest teams and read old club reports. Watch videos with some of the club’s most recognised executive committee members, and see how we’ve evolved from a boy’s club of just two teams, to a hugely expanded, independent and inclusive organisation – Australia’s largest community football club.

Finally, take the opportunity to share your own club story. Like history itself, this website is intended to be a “living thing” – an ever-growing resource where we can bring to light the backstories and little-known facts of our club, and to conserve our past for the future.

Thanks must go to David Birds, Matt Caulfield and Kate Prendergast for their work building this rich resource – and to everyone who sent photos, shared their stories and helped bring our story to life. If you would like to provide feedback, or have ideas on how to make the website better, send an email to