Balmain DFC caters for men and women of all ages playing social, competitive and senior age teams

Winter Season April to August
  • Mens’ Under 21 (18-21) teams play on Sundays
  • Mens’ All Age, Over 35, Over 45, and Over 50 teams play on Saturday afternoons from 1pm
  • Womens’ Intermediate League (WIL – 16-19), All Age, and Over 35 teams play on Sundays

All groups have division 1 teams, which are formed during the club’s pre-season grading sessions.

Training Training is scheduled one night per week from Tuesday to Friday and will be confirmed prior to the commencement of the season.
  • All players are expected to wear the club’s full kit (shirt, shorts, and socks)
  • Players bring their own football boots and shin pads.
Coaching Many of our senior teams elect to self-coach. However, volunteer coaches from our parent and player community can also provide coaching for our senior teams.  Players are encouraged to participate as coaches or assistant coaches and will be provided with all the resources required to support their team, including opportunities to complete relevant coaching certificates.

Each team has a volunteer manager drawn from players, parents or friends of the team. For these age groups, the manager’s role is to:

  • Communicate games and training sessions times and locations
  • Manage match day activities including player cards and game record sheets
  • Pay referee match fees
  • Coordinate the team to complete the teams ground official duties

Volunteer Managers are fully briefed and supported by the Club to complete these activities.

Ground Official Duties

In 2020 the club has changed the format of the ground official volunteers.

Each Balmain home team needs to provide ONE volunteer for EVERY HOME game, EVERY WEEK however only for the one game prior to their HOME GAME.  This means if you are playing at one of Balmain’s Home Grounds (as the HOME team) at 11am, you will need to provide Ground Official service for that field at 10am (or whatever time the game before yours is scheduled for).

Teams playing the first game of the day do not need to provide a Ground Official – club staff will fulfil this duty for those games and for the last game of the day.

For more information on Senior teams contact the coordinator for your age group