Member Protection Policy

Balmain DFC (the Club) aims to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all Members participating in football. Everyone involved in our sport should be treated with respect and dignity and be free to participate without being discriminated against, harassed, bullied, or abused.

  • The Club does not tolerate direct and indirect discrimination, unwelcome verbal or physical conduct, or any unreasonable behaviour directed to an individual or group of persons
  • The Club is dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of all children participating in our sporting activities
  • The Club supports the rights and wellbeing of any child, its staff, and volunteers, to ensure a safe environment for whoever participates in any Club activity
  • The Club takes all reasonable steps to ensure that only suitable and appropriate people are engaged to work with children. This is achieved using a range of screening measures, including the NSW Working With Children Check
  • The Club requires that all members engaged to work with children adhere to the Balmain DFC Child Safe Code of Conduct Policy.

Balmain DFC’s Member Protection Policy is part of the Club’s ongoing commitment to ensuring there is an inclusive and safe culture for our members, which safeguards them against any forms of harassment and abuse in football. The Policy applies to everyone involved in the activities of the Club, whether in a paid or voluntary capacity. Specifically, this includes but is not necessarily limited to, all employees, members, volunteers, parents, and spectators, as well as sponsors or other guests attending Club events. The Policy covers all matters directly and indirectly related to the Club and its activities. It also covers private behaviour where that behaviour brings the Club or sport into disrepute or there is suspicion of harm towards a child.

Code of Conduct for Players, Coaches, Managers, and Spectators

Child Safety Policy

At Balmain DFC we have a zero tolerance for child abuse and are committed to acting in children’s best interest and keeping them safe from harm. The Club regards its child protection responsibilities with the utmost importance and is committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure compliance with all relevant child protection laws and regulations and maintain a healthy child safe culture. We demonstrate this though implementing our Code of Conduct and this Child Safety Policy.

It is the responsibility of all at Balmain DFC, from the Executive Committee to staff and volunteers, to:

  • Protect children and young people from all forms of abuse, bullying and exploitation by our people.
  • Be alert to incidents of child abuse and neglect occurring outside of our sport that may have an impact on the children and young people; and
  • Create and maintain a child safe culture that is understood, endorsed, and put into action by all the individuals who work for, volunteer, or access our programs and services

We expect all within our club, regardless of their role or level of responsibility, to act to keep children safe from such harm by:

  • Adopting the practices and behaviour we have set as our standard when carrying out their roles; and
  • Reporting any abuse or neglect of which they become aware to our management and/or to external authorities responsible for child protection or to police, regardless of who is perpetrating that abuse.

Extreme Heat Policy

BDFC have adopted the FNSW Extreme Heat Policy to determine what procedures to follow in such conditions.

Decisions will be made as clsoe as possible to kick-off times, given the actual conditions.

Please be prepared if matches/trainings/games are given the green light to go ahead.

Relative humidity

A traditional indicator of the air’s moisture content. It is the ratio of the amount of moisture actually in the air to the maximum amount of moisture which the air could hold at the same temperature. Relative humidity is normally expressed as a percentage and at saturation the relative humidity will be very close to 100%. The air can hold more moisture at higher temperatures, hence the relative humidity alone does not give an absolute measure of moisture content.

This is a link to the closest weather station to our grounds with the ability to display actual relative humidity:—observatory-hill/.

This is a link to the SMA Extreme Heat Policy Assessor. This allows you to select a location and activity type and have it assessed live against the policy.

T&Cs for BDFC Volunteers

Life Membership Policy

Privacy Policy

Balmain & District Football Club (referred to in this Policy as the Club) is committed to managing your information in a secure and responsible manner and in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). This Policy sets out the way in which the Association collects, uses, and discloses personal information and also explains your rights and how to contact us.