All players, coaches and managers are urged to read the BDFC Disciplinary Policy & Procedures and Football Canterbury Judiciary Disciplinary & Appeals Regulations, to understand:

• Actions that can lead to Football Canterbury issuing the club with a fine
• The Red Card process
• The Football Canterbury Disciplinary and Appeals process

Where Football Cantebury issues the Club with a fine, the responsible player, coach, manager, or team will be required to pay the fine (and in some cases an administration fee) to the Club.

  • Specific player fines are to be paid by the player and failure to do so may result in suspension from playing and, ultimately, deregistration.
  • Fines for team offences are the responsibility of the team’s Manager to collect and pay. The Club will issue a payment demand to the registered Manager (or Coach if no Manager is registered), which must be settled by the due date to avoid additional team sanctions.

If you believe that there are relevant mitigating circumstances you must advise the Club in writing.

Link to BDFC Team Fines & Penalties

Player Sanctions

  • First Red Card – $75 plus an automatic suspension for a period advised by the Association
  • Five Yellow Cards for a player in a season – $75 plus an automatic 1-match suspension
  • Second and subsequent Red Cards in the same season – $100 plus double the standard suspension for the offence committed

Team Sanctions

  • Borrowing or playing an ineligible Player (U13 and above):
    • Fine of additional Registration Fee ($440) PER incident
    • Loss of 3 competition points
    • Match deemed as lost
    • Suspension of ineligible player (if 18+) for:
      • 2 matches if administratively ineligible (e.g. incorrectly borrowed)
      • 12 months if disciplinarily ineligible (e.g. playing while suspended)
    • Suspension of Team Officials
  • Three (or more) Red Cards for a team in a single game – $125 fine (plus an extra $25 for every RC after the 3rd) & loss of 3 competition points
  • Five (or more) Yellow Cards for a team in a single game – $125 fine (plus an extra $25 for every YC after the 5th) & loss of 3 competition points
  • One or more participants make threats or show force against a Match Official – $125 fine & loss of 3 competition points
  • Players and/or participants engage in violent conduct – $125 fine & loss of 3 competition points
  • Team accumulates three red cards in a season – Loss of 1 competition point, plus loss of 1 point for each subsequent Red Card during the season
  • Five Red Cards or 20 Yellow Cards for a team in a season – The team manager will be asked to show cause in writing to BDFC as to why the team should be allowed to continue in the competition for that season
  • Match sheet late/not submitted – $12
  • Match sheet incomplete/incorrect – $12
  • Away results late/incorrect/not submitted – $12
  • Late or no notice of a Forfeit:
    • SSF (U8-U12) – $60
    • U13+ – $120 (plus their own and opposition match official fees)
  • U13+ Team (minimum 7 players) failure to attend premiership final presentation – $230
  • Use of prohibited area on Football Canterbury controlled venues – $120

This list is not exhaustive and may be amended or updated at any time.

A player who receives a red card will:

• Be automatically suspended for a period determined in the Football Canterbury Judiciary Disciplinary & Appeals Regulations
• Be struck off all match sheets until the suspension is completed
• Be required to pay $75 (or $100 for second and subsequent red cards) before the completion of their suspension, and before they will be allowed to play
• Suspended players will receive an email from BDFC with the details of their suspension, when the fine payment is due, and how to pay it

Depending on the nature of the offence, a suspension longer than the minimum sanction may be imposed.  The sanctions for playing while suspended are severe for player, team, and club.

If a player wishes to make an appearance regarding a decision made by the Football Canterbury Judiciary Panel, the request to do so must be submitted to the club by midday on the Friday following the communication of the original judiciary decision together with a fee of $50.  Requests must be supported by written statements from the player and, if appropriate, team members and other witnesses.  Players have the right to request a copy of the referee’s report.

Appeals to CDSFA

Players, managers and coaches should familiarize themselves with the appeals process and costs as laid out in the Football Canterbury Judiciary Disciplinary & Appeal Regulations.  All costs will be borne by the appellant and will only be reimbursed if (a) the appeal is successful and (b) to the extent that the club itself is reimbursed by Football Canterbury.

Suspensions cannot be appealed if the Football Canterbury Disciplinary Panel imposes the minimum sanction for the offence committed unless the player can provide evidence that he or she did not commit the offence.  One match suspensions cannot be appealed.