Junior Grading

Balmain DFC will be running grading sessions from 10 November for junior players who wish to be selected for a graded team.

The grading sessions will be held at Wentworth Park Soccer Fields, Glebe (sign-in on the Wentworth Park Rd side, adjacent to the Light Rail bridge/viaduct). Players need to check the grading schedule for the times for their age group and complete the online registration form.

Grading Schedule 2019 (for the 2020 season)

FAQs on Junior Grading

Development Program Schedule 2020


Players MUST complete the online registration to participate in the grading process. Pre-registration enables the set-up of software used to complete the evaluation and selection process. Players who do not pre-register may experience delays in commencing their grading session and will miss the opportunity to be evaluated in all areas.

If the number of registrations received for a particular age group is not sufficient to form a graded team for that age group there will be NO grading session for that age group. If this is the case, anyone who has registered for that age group will be informed once registration has closed.

All players need to attend both grading sessions scheduled for their age group. Players who are unable to attend one or both sessions still need to  complete the online registration and must contact their Age Coordinator to discuss their circumstances.

Before you register:

Accepting a place in a graded team requires additional commitment. Players & parents need to be aware they will:

  • Be required to train twice a week including attending the club’s Development Program.  A $100 non-refundable deposit for the DP will be payable to accept a place in a graded team. 2020 costs and schedules for Development Programs will be available prior to offers being made.
  • Be required to assemble at least 30 minutes prior to kick-off for all matches.
  • Need to make themselves available for pre-season trial games, Gala Days (U8-U11) and Football NSW tournaments including State Cup and Champion of Champions (U12-U16).
  • Ensure you have read the Grading Terms & Conditions which can be found here


Trials are conducted by the Club’s Head Development Coach and are held by age group over one or two sessions, depending on age group.

Age groups U8-U11 will have only one grading session, older players will have two grading sessions.

Players MUST attend both sessions (if applicable) in their age group to cover all components of the selection criteria. Players are assigned a number and will be guided through selected exercises and games based on their age group.

Players are assessed against four criteria and depending on age group may include:

  • AthleticismSpeed, strength, agility, balance
  • Technical: Passing, receiving, dribbling, shooting, heading
  • Tactical: Movement off ball, supporting, defending, transitional (or loose ball)
  • Overall impression: Activity, creativity, composure, communication, vision, problem solving

If you cannot attend for any reason, please let us know and we will advise about next steps.

A description of the drills for U8-U11s that will be assessed during grading can be found here

A description of the drills for U12-U16s that will be assessed during grading can be found here

Selection Process

Following the trial process, selectors review the assessments of each player and recommend the allocation of each player to a team. The results and recommendations are provided to the Development Committee for final consideration and endorsement prior to offers being made.

A minimum of 10 – 12 players per team for Small Sided Football formats and 14 – 16 players per team for Full Field Football formats are selected.

Offers to play in a graded team will be made via email. To accept your place, you must:

  1. Commit to train twice per week including attending the Club’s development program. Training schedules will be provided prior to offers being made
  2. Pay a $100 non-refundable deposit for Development program prior to acceptance

Should any player not accept the offer (including payment of the development program fee) or decline the offer, the next highest ranked player will then be invited, until all places in the graded team are filled.