Yes. Registration enables the club to set-up the software used to complete the evaluation and selection process.

No. While BDFC encourages all players to take part in the team selection process, it is not compulsory. Grading is not for everybody and we provide opportunities for all our players who wish to participate and be involved in the game.

To allow players to join teams at a level appropriate to their ability and aspirations, to ensure they gain maximum enjoyment and development.

The BDFC Coaching Director and Development Committee will convene and appoint Selectors comprised of qualified coaches to conduct grading for each age group.

Team coaches are not permitted to act as Selectors at any of the grading sessions. At the discretion of the Development Committee, team coaches may be asked to provide input or feedback on certain players to ensure all aspects of a player’s ability and contribution have been taken into consideration.

No. BDFC makes grading sessions available for players who wish to play football at the highest level our club has to offer- Division 1 and/or Division 2.

BDFC can make division recommendations for teams not involved in the individual player selection process of Division 1 (and/or Div 2). It is BDFC responsibility to ensure that its teams are graded in an appropriate division for review by the CDSFA Grading Committee.

The composition of teams based on “individual player” grading is not compulsory for our members and our Club has no problem with coaches, managers and players continuing to play with last season’s non-graded team and with their friends. Teams choosing not to grade will be scheduled to play in the same division as last season, depending on the age group, number of BDFC teams and the Football Canterbury Grading Review.

No. Please note the club and its officials volunteer much of their time and efforts to conduct grading. The club feels strongly about this and would appreciate that this time and effort is not treated as “Just a Kick Around”.

BDFC grading sessions are open to everyone. However, BDFC will support returning club players who have an established history of playing for the club. Where an age group has more than one graded team, priority for positions in a second graded team will be given to last season’s BDFC graded players who were unsuccessful in being selected for next season’s Division 1A team.

Successful players will be invited to join a graded team via email within 10 working days of the final grading session. Successful players will have a strictly limited time period in which to accept the offer and pay any required fee. Should any player not accept the offer (including payment of the registration fee) or decline the offer, the next highest ranked player will then be invited, until all places in the graded team are filled.

BDFC players who do not receive an invitation to join a graded team will be allocated a place in their previous season’s team as per standard registration policy.