** For information on getting started with the Dribl app please look here. **

  • Pre-Season games can only be played if sanctioned by Football Canterbury.
  • Only players registered with the club are allowed to compete in trial games and only registered players will be covered by Insurance if an injury occurs.
  • If the games are played without official sanctioning, players will not be covered by the Football Canterbury insurance coverage.

There are two types of trial games: Internal games and Out of Association games.

Internal Club Games or against other Football Canterbury Clubs (Internal)
These games do NOT require a sanctioning form to be filled out, however it is imperative that an email is sent to competitions@balmainfootball.com.au to ensure the game is sanctioned.

Games vs clubs from associations other than Football Canterbury (Out of Association)

These games require a sanctioning form to be filled out and sent to competitions@balmainfootball.com.au a minimum of 5 days prior to the game being played to ensure both associations sanction the game. Without dual sanctioning the game can not be played. Once actioned we will send back to the team a confirmed and sanctioned form.



When there is a risk of damage to pitches or injury to players, fields may be closed for play by local councils, clubs, or referees. This can happen at any point, even after you arrive at the ground or even mid-match.

  • The club will use Facebook to notify wet weather closures of training and home grounds as soon as they are known
  •  For competition matches check the status of your game by referring to the draw on Dribl – https://cdsfa.dribl.com. The status will appear as one of the following:
    • PENDING: means the game is going ahead as per the details that appear on the draw, i.e.: date, time, field.
    • WASHOUT RESCHEDULE: means the field is closed, the game is washed out, and will be rescheduled to a later date.
    • WASHOUT CANCELLED: means the field is closed, the game is washed out and cancelled completely.
  • It also pays to check local council hotlines or websites for the most up-to-date ground status, but the draw on Dribl is the final word.

Note: During wet weather, grounds may be closed at any time – even once you have arrived at or started a match.

IMPORTANT: A game is ONLY deemed as being officially washed out when the status of that game appears on the draw in Dribl as being WASHED OUT. This is the case even if Council wet weather hotlines and club information have contradicting information. If a team does not arrive for a game due to contradicting information which has been accessed from anywhere other than Dribl, that team will be seen as having forfeited the game.

Age Group Max. number on Match Sheet Max. number of Registered Players in a team Number of Players on the field
Under 6 to 7 See note 10 to 11 4-a-side
Under 8 and 9 11 players 11 (10 to 11 is recommended) 7-a-side
Under 10 to 12 13 players 15 (13 is recommended) 9-a-side
Under 13 to U18 16 players 20 (up to 15 or 16 is recommended) 11-a-side
WIL/U21/All Age (incl. GMT) 16 players 20 (up to 18 is recommended) 11-a-side
O35 MEN / O35 WOMEN 16 players 22 (18 to 20 is recommended) 11-a-side
Over 45 MEN / O50 MEN 18 players (as of 2024) 22 (18 to 22 is recommended) 11-a-side
BBC 16 players 25 (includes those borrowed from feeder teams) 11-a-side

Note: Match sheets are not required for under 6/7, but given the format of the games a maximum of 10 to 11 players is recommended.

The normal duration of matches is as follows:

Age Group Duration
U6/U7 20 minute halves (5 min half-time break)
U8/U9 20 minute halves (5 min half-time break)
U10/U11/U12 25 minute halves (5 min half-time break)
U13/U14 30 minute halves
U15/U16 35 minute halves
U17 (not currently active) 40 minute halves
All Age groups from U18 to O50 45 minute halves

Matches, including any shortened match, must be played in equal halves.

Matches shall commence at the stipulated time, however a team is permitted a MAXIMUM ten minutes grace beyond the scheduled starting time where the team has an insufficient number of players with which to commence the match. Once a team has sufficient number of players, the referee shall immediately start the match and the grace period shall end.

There is NO added time (or “injury” time) permitted in normal home and away games. Where a match starts late the Referee (or Game Leader) must shorten the total match time to avoid delaying the start of subsequent matches. The match may be shortened only by the time lost, and must still be played as two equal halves.

Match times are available:

All Abilities – Games are at Birchgrove Oval from 9am-10am on Saturday mornings. Any changes will be communicated to the group by the Age Coordinator.

Tiny Tigers, U6, & U7 – Games are scheduled by the Age Coordinators on a weekly basis and are sent to team leaders prior to each weekend. They are also displayed at the ground for reference (e.g. on the canteen window at Waterfront Oval).

U8 & above – through Football Canterbury’s (FC) scheduling tool DRIBL

** Match sheets and player ID cards are electronic and managed through the DRIBL App.

Coaches and Managers still have physical ID cards that they need to display on match days**

** The Dribl app is available for Apple and Android devices. This has been updated, so always make sure you have the latest version installed**

Dribl – Guide for managing electronic Match Sheets, digital ID cards, and entering scores: Football Canterbury – Dribl Competition Management – Teams

Video guides:

Dribl – Guide for match-day process, including checking of digital ID cards – Football Canterbury – Match Day

Football Canterbury – Instructions for Match Sheets and Scores  – please read carefully as fines apply if not done properly

Football Canterbury Bulletin explaining rules for borrowing players – please read carefully as fines and point deductions apply if these are breached

Important points for match sheets (see Match Day Procedures section below for more detail):

  • All players (including any borrowed players) must be recorded on the match sheet with their correct shirt number
  • Players who are not playing MUST be removed from the match sheet before it is submitted
  • Injuries can be recorded on the match sheet to enable processing of insurance claims
  • Details of the match sheet need to be complete and correct including jersey numbers, scores, winning team, and borrowed players
  • Referees and both team’s Managers must enter and submit the results after each match.

Submission of Match Results : There are fines imposed by Football Canterbury for late submissions of scores that will be passed onto teams. All results must be submitted by 6:00pm on your match day. We strongly encourage all team managers to submit the result in the Dribl app as soon as the match is completed (after the final score is confirmed with the Referee).

How to print a Match Sheet from Dribl (only to be used as a backup if the Dribl app is not available)

Match day checklist for Managers/Coaches

** If you are playing another Balmain DFC team, then the AWAY team has to wear the black strip. This can be picked up from the canteen at Waterfront Oval on match days. **

Football Canterbury – Process for electronic match sheets and checking of ID cards – Please read and be familiar with this.

Football Canterbury –  Instructions for Match Sheets and Scores  – please read carefully as fines apply if not done properly

Before you leave for the game (or the day before the game)

  • Confirm the time and location for the match in DRIBL
  • Check on wet weather status
  • Check the electronic Match sheet using the Dribl app or website
    • all players are added to match sheet
    • REQUIRED – click on the A next to each player and Team Official (Coach/Manager) that will be available so that it turns green – tap again to reverse
      • the maximum number of players you can mark as available is shown at the top of the match sheet screen (e.g. 16 for U12 and above)
      • the maximum number of Team Officials (Coaches and/or Managers) that can be in the Technical Area is two (2)
    • OPTIONAL – click on the S next to each player that will be starting the game on the field so that it turns green – tap again to reverse
      • the maximum number you can mark as starting is shown at the top of the match sheet screen (e.g. 11 for U12 and above)
    • OPTIONAL – click on the C next to a player to mark them as Captain for that game – tap again to reverse
    • absent or non-participating players are marked as not available (the A is left as red)
    • borrowed players are added and marked as available
  • Have your referee (Match Official) payment sheet
  • Have the correct money for referees (our canteens are not equipped to make change for you)
  • Have your manager card around your neck (and check your Coach brings theirs as well!)
  • Have a match ball

Before the start of the match

  • Coach/Manager have their Team Official vests on and ID cards around their necks
  • Add any borrowed players to the match sheet and/or remove any others not playing
  • Ensure all players shirt numbers are recorded correctly
  • No later than 15 mins before kick-off
    • Final check of electronic match sheet and submit it. Check that the opposing team has also submitted their match sheet
    • Pay the referees & get them to sign the Match Officials payment sheet
  • 5 mins before kick-off (for U12 and above ONLY) – The Referee will check the digital player cards for each team (methods may vary)
    • If there is a dispute over any of the IDs, the Referee will resolve it to their satisfaction as to whether the player is able to participate or not
  • If all is OK with the opposition team, open their Match Sheet and click the CONFIRM option to finalise it
    • Make sure you do this, as fines will apply if it’s not done
  • You’re ready to play!

After the match is completed

  • Confirm the result with the referee and opposition manager
  • Check any Yellow/Red cards have been entered properly (and against the correct players)
  • Ensure that ANY injuries for your team that occurred during the game are recorded via our online reporting form
  • Enter the final score (in the Recorder section for the match) in the Dribl app and save it
    • Make sure to do this at the field immediately after the game – that way you won’t forget!
    • BOTH teams need to enter and save the result after the game
  • Lodge your referee reimbursement request (no more than once every four games or so)

Note: Fines will be levied by Football Canterbury if Match Sheets and/or Scores are not completed correctly, so please make sure you are familiar with the all the steps above. Any fines will be passed on to the team responsible.

What happens if a referee does not turn up to referee my match?

  • If an official referee does not arrive to referee your match, both parties must agree on a person to referee the match
    • That person should referee the entire match
    • The volunteer referee (Match Official) must be added to the electronic match sheet (Video Guide: Add Official – Dribl)
  • If both teams cannot agree on a suitable person to referee the match, then:
    • The game shall not proceed
    • The match sheet shall be filled in and state that the match was not played, and the reason why (Could not find/agree on a referee)
      • If one team agreed to a suggested referee but the other team did not, this should be noted
    • The Football Canterbury Fixtures Committee shall then decide the outcome of the match
  • Where a person is appointed to referee the match, they shall have all the powers of an official referee
  • Volunteer referees should not be paid, and they should not request (or demand) any payment in order to proceed.

Match Official Payments (Updated for 2024 season)

Match Official Signature Sheet – this is the form that needs to be downloaded and filled in at every game.

Match Official Fees for 2024 (each team pays HALF the total fee per official shown below):

Age Group CRA Referee (Centre) CRA Assistant Referee (each)
Under 8 to U12 Game Leaders – paid directly by the host club N/A
Under 13/14 $40 ($20 per team) $20 ($10 per team)
Under 15/16 $50 ($25 per team) $30 ($15 per team)
Under 18 MEN $70 ($35 per team) $35 ($17.50 per team)
U21 MEN & U19 WOMEN $80 ($40 per team) $40 ($20 per team)
O35M/O35W/O45M/O50M $80 ($40 per team) $40 ($20 per team)
AA WOMEN 1st Division (GMT) $90 ($45 per team) $45 ($22.50 per team)
AA WOMEN (all other Divisions) $80 ($40 per team) $40 ($20 per team)
Bill Brackenbury Cup (BBC) $90 ($45 per team) $45 ($22.50 per team)
AA MEN (all other Divisions) $80 ($40 per team) $40 ($20 per team)

** For U8 to U12, matches are run by Game Leaders (GL). GLs are paid directly by the hosting club and do not need to be paid by the teams. **

Payments are made by Managers or Coaches prior to the commencement of the match and must be evidenced by a Match Official Signature Sheet form signed by each official paid. Payments are made to Referees and Assistant Referees by each team for games from U13 upwards.

Reimbursement can only be claimed by completing an online Match Official Reimbursement Request – the Club asks that you submit this no more than once every four to six games (if possible).  If you need to claim reimbursement for more than six games at a time, you may submit multiple requests. This form is the only accepted method for submitting reimbursement requests.

All Reimbursement Requests must be accompanied by copies of signed Match Official Signature Sheet forms, complete with game dates and round numbers.

Ensure that you keep copies of all documents until you have received reimbursement.  It is recommended that signed Match Official Payment Forms are photographed or scanned after each match in case of loss or damage.  Claims that are not supported by a signed Match Official Payment form will not be entertained under any circumstances. If you are away and someone else is handling payment of match officials, it is your responsibility to ensure that they understand the proper procedure.

Reimbursements for non-standard amounts (e.g., State Cup & Champion of Champions) can be claimed by submitting evidence of payment, team, & match information, plus the bank account details for reimbursement in an email to reimburse@balmainfootball.com.au.

Reimbursement Requests will be processed monthly – please do not submit requests after each individual match.

All Reimbursement Requests must be submitted prior to 30 September.  Late submissions will not be accepted.

Match officials’ fees are a significant expense for the Club and must be properly managed and be auditable, therefore NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE ABOVE WILL BE ENTERTAINED.

Coaches and managers are urged to read the Football Canterbury Judiciary Disciplinary & Appeals Regulations, to understand actions that can lead to the Football Canterbury issuing the club with a fine.

Where Football Canterbury issues the Club with a fine, the responsible player, coach, manager or team will be required to pay the fine (and in some cases an administration fee) to the Club.

When a fine has been incurred by a team, it is the responsibility of the manager to collect.  Payments may be deducted from match official reimbursement requests, or paid directly to the club where this option is not available. If you believe that there are mitigating circumstances you must advise the Club in writing.

Common fines & charges for teams:

  • First Red Card – $75
  • Second and subsequent Red Cards in the same season – $100
  • Borrowing or playing an ineligible Player (U13 and above):
    • Fine of additional Registration Fee ($440) PER incident
    • Loss of 3 competition points
    • Match deemed as lost
    • Suspension of ineligible player (if 18+) for:
      • 2 matches if administratively ineligible (e.g. incorrectly borrowed)
      • 12 months if disciplinarily ineligible (e.g. playing while suspended)
    • Suspension of Team Officials
  • Late or No Notice of a Forfeit – Competitive (U12 & above) – $110 plus opposition match official fees
  • Late or No Notice of a Forfeit – Non-Competitive (U11 & below) – $55 plus opposition match official fees
  • Match Sheet Late/Not submitted – $10
  • Match Sheet Incomplete/Incorrect – $30
  • Results Late/Incorrect/Not submitted – $10
  • Playing Strip Incorrect/Incomplete – $110
  • Ground Official Not Visible (Home or Neutral Ground fixtures) – First offence by club (not team) $110; Second and subsequent offences by club $220.
  • Five (5) or more Red Cards for a team in a season, or Twenty (20) or more Yellow Cards for a team in a season – The team manager will be required to show cause in writing to BDFC as to why the team should be permitted to continue in the competition in that season. If this is not provided by the specified date or is deemed unacceptable, the team will be withdrawn from competition for the remainder of the season.

Link to BDFC Red & Yellow Card Fines and Penalties

More information on Football Canterbury fines and charges

It is a Football Canterbury requirement for clubs to provide a ground official for each of their home grounds upon which a match is being played.

From 2023 onwards the club has changed the format of how the Ground Official volunteers are assigned.

Each Balmain HOME team MUST provide ONE volunteer for EVERY HOME game they play, regardless of the ground they play on. From 2023, your team MUST provide a Ground Official (GO) for your own game. If you are the HOME team on another club’s field, you MUST provide a GO for your game.

Teams short on players/officials/spectators should try to organise with another BDFC team playing prior/after to provide a GO if possible, otherwise they must find a volunteer themselves. Teams playing on BDFC fields as the AWAY team MUST also provide a GO fpr their game – including local derbies.

Ground officials are required to:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be available 10 minutes before the game commences, wearing the orange Ground Official vest (included in Team Kit bag)
  • Make themselves known to the Referee before the start of the match
  • Ensure that spectators stay behind ropes and fences and do not enter the field of play
  • Ensure that the area behind the goal is kept clear at all times
  • Ensure no person, including coaches and managers, enter field of play until signalled by the referee
  • Assist the referee as requested at any time
  • Enforce NO SMOKING/NO VAPING on or near fields
  • Enforce NO ALCOHOL zones
  • Ensure alcohol is not consumed in the vicinity of playing fields until AFTER the completion of the LAST match of the day.
  • Remind last team of the day that they MUST help pack down the field

There are times when the unfortunate occurs and there is a fight which becomes physical – if you can assist in helping stop the fight, great, but at no stage should any BDFC official get themselves in harm’s way by getting in the middle of a physical fight.

It is however, very important that the BDFC volunteer / official takes a detailed summary of the incident including recording player numbers and the sequence of events.  THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT as the association will require the club to make a written statement in due course. The report needs to be recorded in the match day folder situated at the canteen.  BDFC staff will be able to provide assistance if required. The club’s General Manager must also be notified immediately on 0432 813 499

Frequently asked Questions:
What happens if you are the last game of the day?
You will need to provide a volunteer for your own game.

What happens if you are playing a HOME game AWAY FROM HOME or ANY game at a NEUTRAL GROUND?
If you are playing a home game at an away ground, or you are playing any game at a neutral ground (i.e. the ground is not the home ground for either team), then you are required to provide one GO volunteer for your game. This also applies to mid-week (evening/night) games at away or neutral fields.

What happens if you are playing an AWAY game at a BDFC ground?
If you are playing an away game at a BDFC home ground, then your team needs to provide a GO volunteer for your game. This includes club derby games.

What happens if you are playing a mid-week night game at a BDFC ground?
If you are playing a mid-week night game at a BDFC home ground, you’re required to provide one GO volunteer for your game.

Do I only need to provide a GO for my own team’s games?
Yes, unless you come to an greement with a BDFC team playing before or after you to supply a GO for them and vice versa. In any event, you are responsible for providing/resourcing a GO for your own game.

The price of not attending:
If a team fails to provide a Ground Official, CDSFA levy a fine of $110 (equivalent to a forfeit fee) for the first offence as a club. This will be passed on to the team, and all player cards will be deactivated until this is paid. Subsequent offences by the club will incur a fine of $220 per team. To summarise:

  • The referee may not allow play to start
  • The HOME team can be fined $110 by Football Canterbury for each match this occurs (in the first instance)
    • The fine levied by FC to the cub for second and subsequent instances is $220. This is per INSTANCE, not per TEAM
  • All fines issued to teams or players are passed onto and payable by the team/player responsible
  • Where issues with the game lead to judiciary proceedings, the absence of a ground official is a distinct disadvantage.

Minimum number of players needed to start a match

Age Group Minimum Players
Under 6 and 7 Not applicable
Under 8 and 9 5
Under 10 to 12 6
Under 13 and above 7

Borrowing Players

Football Canterbury Rules of Association (2023) – Player Eligibility and Rules for borrowing players

If a team needs to borrow players for a match, they can do the following:

  1. For junior teams:
    • Additional players may be sought from a younger age group, or from a team in your age group, in a LOWER division than your own.
    • Players are permitted to play for teams up to two years above their actual age (it is NOT based on the age group they’re coming from). They must be added to the match sheet as a borrowed player for any match where they are filling in for another team. Coaches or managers should contact the Age Coordinator for the appropriate age groups to seek additional players.
    • Players cannot be borrowed across different silos. E.g. An U11 Girls player cannot be borrowed to play in an U11 Mixed team, they can only be borrowed into another Girls age group.
  2. For Senior teams:
    • Additional players can be sought from a team in a LOWER division than your own only, except:
      • If an U21 or AA Women’s team needs to borrow players, they can borrow from the age group below theirs as long as the player is turning 18 during the year. For example, an U21 team can borrow from an U18 team (in the matching division or lower than their own), but only if the borrowed player is turning 18 during the calendar year. The same applies for AA Women’s team looking to borrow from a WIL team.
    • All Age MEN teams cannot borrow from U21 or U18 teams (except for the BBC team under certain circumstances).
    • All Age Men, O35 Men, O45 Men, and O50 Men’s age groups can only play within their own age group. E.g. An O50 player cannot be borrowed into an O45, O35, or All Age Men’s team.
    • For All Age Women (AAW) and O35 Women (O35W) ONLY:
      • O35 Women (O35W) can be borrowed into an All Age Women (AAW) team in a Division no more than 2 below their own. E.g. O35W Div 1 can play in AAW Div 3 or higher
      • An AAW (who has attained the age of 35 prior to January 1) can play in an O35W team in the same division or higher only. E.g. An AAW Div 2 player can be borrowed into an O35W Div 2 or higher team.
  3. There are strict rules around when and how many players can be borrowed, and how often individual players can play “up” in another age group. Please consult the Football Canterbury rules or your Age Coordinator for clarification. A breach of these rules can result in forfeits, suspensions, and substantial fines for the players involved, the team, and the club.
  4. The maximum number of players that may be brought up into a higher graded or different age group team for any given match is:
    • for under 8 and 9 age groups: 2
    • for under 10 to 12 age groups: 3
    • for all other age groups and competitions: 4

Forfeiting Matches

** Do NOT email Football Canterbury directly, and do not submit a forfeit via the DRIBL App. Forfeits must be notified via the steps described below. **

If there is no other option but to forfeit a match, teams are required to:

    • A forfeit notification has to be submitted by the Club to the Association by the following deadlines:
      • 6pm Thursday for a Saturday match
      • 6pm Friday for a Sunday match
      • Mon-Fri games: 12pm on the day prior to the match
    • Please ensure you notify the club at least two hours prior to the deadlines shown above, in order to allow time for us to process it and notify the Association
    • Late (or no) notification of a forfeit will result in a fine from Football Canterbury that will be passed on the team. Depending how late the notification is sent, the team may also be liable to pay the match official fees for both teams.
    • Include the following information in your message:
      • Your team code, age group, and division
      • The opposition team code/name
      • Date, time, and location of the match being forfeited
    • If the forfeit notification is sent after the deadlines specified above, an accompanying fine may be levied and will be taken out of the team’s referee reimbursement fees.
    • Regardless of when the forfeit is submitted the above three club contacts must still be notified.

Penalties for forfeits:

  • Competition points (U13+ only):
    • 1st forfeit in a season: no points penalty
    • 2nd and subsequent forfeits in a season: 1 competition point deducted
  • Fines for late forfeit notification (after deadlines specified above):
    • U8-U12: $55 fine
    • U13+: $110 fine plus match official fees for opposition team