We asked all candidates in the upcoming Council election for their response to questions on the proposed redevelopment of Waterfront Oval at Callan Park:

  1. Do you support the proposed $2M upgrade
  2. Will you support changes to the development application to ensure proposed cricket nets and wicket will not impact on safety of our members or operational issues
  3. Will you support a more transparent field allocation process based on verifiable membership lists



I am responding to the Balmain & District Football Club candidate survey on behalf of all Local Labor candidates.

If elected on September 9th we will immediately reinstate the $2 million to upgrade the Waterfront Drive playing fields is Callan Park.

Having delivered this funding as Mayor of Leichhardt I am determined to see the upgrade of Waterfront Drive playing fields delivered now.
We will move to have the new lights, playing surface and drainage system completed straight away so the new facilities, including fields for evening training and games, are available for the 2018 winter season. 

A renovation of the club house and canteen and new cricket nets will also be included to make this a state-of-the-art facility.

We support BDFC’s proposal in relation to the location of the cricket facilities and would seek an amendment to the plan which was supported by all users of the playing fields.

We will deliver a transparent process for allocation of grounds based on verifiable membership lists and which is fair to all clubs and sports.

Furthermore, our team will establish an Office of Sport within the Inner West Council to provide greatly increased support for the excellent work Clubs like BDFC are undertaking. We will also seek agreement on ambitious targets to increase the participation of women and girls in local sport.

Our vision is for a partnership between the new Council and clubs like yours to improve the health and wellbeing of our community.


I believe the work your organisation is doing is vitally important to our youth and community in general. I’m of the old school healthy body, healthy mind. Give our young a good start and our future is likely to to be brighter.
As to specifics:
It is my intention to support the budget allocation as it was unanimously supported by the previous Leichhardt Council. This is to support the upgrade of the waterfront oval in Callan Park.
The movement of the cricket nets and pitch as you pointed out requires DA approval and will go before the independent committee which deals with these matters. In my business, Insurance, I deal with Risk Solutions in practice and straight forward manner. This proposal is straight forward and has a practical solution. I cannot see any impediment on my part if I am fortunate to become your local councillor.
Transparency and oversite is an essential part of any process which involves the allocation of assets owned by the Innermost Inner West Council as custodians of the rate payers of this council. Too many times are assets allocated and then forgotten about.  This results in lack of use or miss use of those assets to the detriment of other more worthy groups and organisations and the community in general. I will support any process which is practical and provides the right outcome.
I trust this provides you with my stance on these issues but should you require further clarification I am more than happy to discuss. I would also welcome a face to face meeting with you and your committee to discuss your aspirations for the future. Future planning is essential as it producers order and positive results.



Waterfront Oval Upgrade Projects

Yes, the Leichhardt Greens Councillors voted for the upgrade of the Waterfront Oval and the Inner West Greens continue to support and champion it.

The Inner West Greens want to see the project completed and that means ensuring that the Budget for Phase 2 is identified as soon as possible and certainly in the 2018/19 budget if not sooner. There are significant safety issues with the oval in its current state and it is important these works are done as soon as possible.

Waterfront Oval Upgrade Projects Development Application

The Inner West Greens want to see the location and alignment of the cricket nets in the safest and most practical location. On the face of it there appears to be merit in BDFC’s reasons for wanting the cricket nets moved however as with all development applications it is important that there is full community and stakeholder consultation and that this, together with all evidence, informs the final decision.

Future Ground Allocations

Greens Mayors Jamie Parker and later Rochelle Porteous instigated and implemented the 2011 Public EOI process for the allocation of grounds process based on verifiable membership information. We also initiated and chaired the regular meetings of all Leichhardt Council-based sporting clubs to develop a more open dialogue between the clubs and council.

The Inner West Greens will work towards the re-establishment of the transparent Public EOI process for allocation of sporting grounds as was initiated and implemented by the Greens previously on Leichhardt Council. we will also work to re-establish a transparent and open dialogue between council and the sporting clubs through regular meetings of all parties chaired by the Mayor.

Name: The Inner West Greens:
Tom Kiat – Ashfield Greens Lead Candidate
Rochelle Porteous – Balmain Greens Lead Candidate
Marghanita Da Cruz – Leichhardt Greens Lead Candidate
Colin Hesse – Marrickville Greens Lead Candidate



Waterfront Oval Upgrade Projects

I will support the $2million upgrade endorsed unanimously by the previous Leichhardt Council and will work towards ensuring the budget for Phase 2 to complete the project in 2018/19 is endorsed. I commit to working with other councillors to expedite the project with the aim of delivering the new fields as soon as possible.

Waterfront Oval Upgrade Projects Development Application

I will support the Balmain District Football Club objection to the placement of permanent cricket nets adjacent to the grandstand. I support the proposal to move the nets to the space behind the pavilion across the canal or another suitable location that will not endanger or impede the use of the new sports fields all year round. I will also support the proposal to maintain the current alignment of the cricket pitch when it is upgraded as part of the Waterfront Oval project.

Future Ground Allocations:

I will support the concept of a transparent process for the future allocation of grounds based on verifiable membership lists and with season ground allocations published on the Council website.



Waterfront Oval Upgrade Projects

Assuming that proper transparency and accountability has occurred in the process up to now, I am fully supportive of your application and seeing completion as soon as possible.

Waterfront Oval Upgrade Projects Development Application

I know exactly what you are talking about here. I played FOOTBALL till my knees gave up the ghost (5 yrs ago) and also coached at representative levels. Cricket pitch alignment between the fields, so it doesn’t intrude on the playing surfaces, is the only logical and safe option. Studs and hard surfaces don’t mix. Warm ups are crucial to preventing on field injuries. Placing the nets in a location that provides safety for spectators, allows cricketers to use them without interference and doesn’t impede on warm up areas is a great compromise, fully supportive.

Future Ground Allocations:

Again, understand where you are coming from. All clubs need to be assured they are on a level playing field (pardon the pun). I support full transparency of the process and happy to work on a system deemed fair by all clubs.



I will definitely be happy to consider these requests if elected to Inner West Council (IWC). I’d need to look closely at the detailed proposals and processes you’ve mentioned, along with any competing commitments for Council budgets etc, before making the specific commitments you’ve requested. I can certainly assure you that I’m strongly committed to maintaining and improving public open space, as well as community and recreational facilities, within the entire IWC area. I am also supportive of transparency and equity in public decision-making processes, including the allocation of public sporting fields.