All-Weather Field at Rozelle Parklands

At Balmain & District Football Club, we understand the importance of having access to quality sporting facilities. Unfortunately, our club and the wider sporting community are facing a critical shortage of playing spaces. That’s why we’re advocating for the development of sporting facilities at Rozelle Parklands, including an all-weather playing field.

Last season, our club lost over 1,350 hours of playing and training time due to ground closures and washouts. The shortage of local fields is a growing issue that affects not only our club but also the wider community of local players. The existing fields are overused. As our community grows, so will the depth of this problem.

We believe that the Rozelle Railyards development project is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for us to secure an all-weather playing field in the heartland of our membership. We have strongly advocated for vital sporting infrastructure at Rozelle Parklands, and we believe that the provision of an all-weather field with priority, year-round access for our members is crucial.

As the NSW state election approaches, we have asked the candidates for the seat of Balmain to commit to three important points:

  1. Priority year-round access for our club to the new rectangular football field at Rozelle Parklands.
  2. Advocating for the new football field to be an all-weather field.
  3. Providing adequate and suitable parking for users of the sporting facilities.

We support the use of hybrid grass technology over traditional synthetic surfaces for the all-weather field. The technology and materials for all-weather fields are advancing all the time, and we believe an all-weather football field at Rozelle Parklands may be the last opportunity for our club and our community to secure the year-round field we so desperately need.

We urge all our members to read and share the responses from the candidates. Let’s continue to advocate for quality sporting facilities for our community.

Read our letter and the response from each candidate below:

Rozelle Parklands Upgrade
Rozelle Parklands Upgrade
Rozelle Parklands Upgrade