Balmain DFC thanks the following past and present members for their invaluable contribution to the club from its establishment in 1970 up to the current season.
1976 George B Stone (Formerly Sergeant and Inspector)
1978 Frank S Hawkins, Joyce Hawkins
1981 Wal Gourlie, Adele Gourlie, Edward (Ted) Westrup, Jeanette Westrup
1982 Ron Nelson, June Maguire
1983 Peter Maguire, Betty Powter
1984 Robert (Bob) Philpott, John Martin, Lyn Martin, Ray Maguire
1985 Paul Robinson, Roy Pearson
1986 Frank Powter, Barry Maguire, Neil Whitney, Margaret Whitney, Patricia Phillips, Fraser Foristal
1987 Stephen Phillips
1989 Graeme Westrup
1990 David Westrup, Richard (Dick) MacGillycuddy, John Conroy
1991 Fred Tagoe
1992 Dennis Fowler, Kaye Wainwright, Gaye Tagoe
1999 Alan Kennedy, Patricia (Trish) Kennedy, Gil Boehringer,Richard McCabe, Cathy McCabe, Frank Warnink
2001 Chris Dunkerley, Damien McCabe, Michael Wright, Dean Booth
2004 Jane Jenkins, Bryan Purkis, Jeanette Holloway, Howard Hunter
2005 Bill Luck, Patricia Luck, Dieter Engelmann, Genny Kang
2006 Alyssa Hardie
2007 Tim Casey, Ricky Onsman
2009 Jake Johnstone, John Thomson
2010 Nathanael (Nat) Hughes
2011 Ken Hastie
2012 Brian Frankham, Matt Brown
2013 Brett Pearce
2015 Steven Faulkner, Timothy Babbage